StarwarsRP Rules

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General Rules
Not obeying these rules will result in varied punishments

  • Do not RDM
  • Do not RDA
  • Follow rules of FearRP
  • Do not Handcuff people randomly
  • NLR is when someone dies, they have a new life. Such as if they kill 3 people then die, you can't get arrested since you are a new person.
  • Do not go in areas that are not your clearance level
  • Minging is an instant week or perm ban depending on severity
  • Mass RDM is a week or perm ban depending on severity
  • Apply for Staff on the website, please do not ask for it
  • Please follow the Chain of Command for Staff
  • Do not spam. Spam: Excessively typing/Using Mic/doing something repeatedly in quick succession.
  • Only use /advert for RP
  • Use OOC for anything out of RP
  • Do not Metagame - Abusing discord channels or other means of communication
  • Commanders must join Discord
  • Avoid crouching around the ship without just cause.
  • Do not harass, disrespect, or be a rude towards other players.
  • No hacking/DDoS or threats.
  • Causing issues or problems among the staff team or community will result in a ban.
  • Do not complain about decisions made by staff in-game or in Global Chat, instead, make a report/appeal on the forum.
  • If a staff member finds what you're doing unreasonable, you must stop, whether it is explicitly stated on the rules or not.
  • Staff have the last say in a sit, please remain respectful about it and if you still have an issue report the Staff Member on the forums. You may request a higher up in a sit if you feel you are being treated unfairly though they may not be available at that time.
  • Do not Combat Taze. If you are being shot at shoot back, do not attempt to taze as it is FailRP.
  • Do not place Tactical Insertions randomly around the map, attempt to "hide" them
  • Do not destroy player's Tactical Insertions
  • Do not enter the Jedi Cave as it is considered FailRP
  • Nobody is allowed to use WiltOS devastators no matter what. (ex. Kyber Slam)
  • You cannot AFK Meditate until you are Combat Level: 20

Rules are subject to change at any time.